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Hello! I’m Tor White, a creative strategist*, lover of expansive thinking, and thoughtful doing. 

*What even is that? It means I solve business problems with a creative lens.


I believe that brands are living things, future-fit businesses must be platforms for good, and creativity is a superpower. It’s energetic. It’s bringing light, magic, boldness, and limitless-vision thinking, into our board rooms, meeting rooms, and decision-making spaces, to help make change happen. Often, it’s about looking within.

Some brands and agencies I’ve worked with/on/in:

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Anthem bw.png
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Chris Koerner / Co-Founder Send Eats

“I simply can't say enough good things about Tor's branding brilliance. She has a unique way of keeping the tone light while offering so much value in every sentence. She is creative, diligent, hyper-responsive and just incredibly kind.”
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